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Lifesaving Apps for First-Time Dog Owners

Providing care for your new dog requires a lot of work and preparation. Beyond finding basic dog equipment and pet proofing your home, there is much to learn. The best way to travel this journey is with resources to help you continually provide high-quality care. Thankfully, there are several terrific apps that can help first-time pet parents find their way like a pro.

It’s important to note that older phones often fail to run new apps properly. If your smartphone is an older model, it might not have the speed, memory, and power to handle certain apps, let alone run more than one at the same time. Consider whether it’s a good time to upgrade to a brand-new phone. Then load up on these apps (including an intuitive and well-rounded exercise app to help you prepare for the ensuing exercise!) tailored to you and Fido!

iTrainer Dog Whistle & Clicker

This application is designed to help you train your new dog through basic communication. iTrainer Dog Whistle & Clicker features a dog whistle with a customizable frequency between 100Hz and 35KHz. It also comes with several squeaky toy sound effects.

The sound selection doesn’t end there! You can access more than 40 sound effects from birds, cats, roosters, and dolphins, among other animals, to entertain your pet. If your dog loves your voice or you want to customize the sound to something you own, like a favorite toy, you can make a recording on your phone and use that. The possibilities are nearly endless!


Keeping your dog healthy is a daily adventure, and what better way to do it than downloading iKibble on your smartphone. This app contains hundreds of foods, including meat products, fruits, vegetables, and grains. If you are shopping or preparing meals for your dog, Apps Unveiled points out iKibble can be instrumental in letting you know if it is safe to feed your dog with certain products.

The app also has a built-in search feature to look for foods according to their health rating or category. You can also make notes about things you try and share the information with other pet owners. And to top it all off, you can save information about your dog's favorite meals and learn how to prepare new savory snacks for your beloved pooch. There will be no trying to recall if Fido loved the special cookies you made for his birthday last year, you can just bring up the recipe to review whether it was well-received.

Annie Pet Monitor

Chances are you and your pooch are practically inseparable when you’re home, but once you leave for work or errands, you are left to wonder what goes on. With Annie Pet Monitor, you have access to live video of your pet all day, and can even use an audio feature to talk to your dog. And if the entire family wants to check on Fido - and even Fido and Fifi - you can do so through multi-owner and multi-pet functions.

Pet First Aid

This app by the American Red Cross is the perfect tool to stay ahead of your dog's health. With simple instructions that you can follow every day, you will be one step closer to saving your furry friend. CNET notes you can use this app to receive advice on medicine, how to understand your pet’s behavior, even how to say goodbye. In addition to those must-haves, you can access information about common pet problems, emergency pet hospitals, and pet-friendly hotels.

Even as a first-time owner, you can take care of your pup by downloading a handful of apps, and you can access information on food, grooming, training, and first aid. It’s a chance to stay connected to your dog and provide the best care possible.

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