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About Us


Our goal is to inspire change in the way we regard farm animals and the environment through education and outreach and eco-friendly practices.

Our Sanctuary

Unwanted, neglected and abused farm animals find a loving, permanent home at BMASER. These gentle refugees are surrounded by what they love most: grass, trees, fresh air, open spaces, and companionship. They are honored as living beings, and enjoy love, safety, and peace for the remainder of their days.

The animals in our food supply are living beings with an awareness of themselves and the world around them. How we treat them is a reflection of who we are and how we view our duty on Earth towards other living things.

Ecological Commitment

Animal agriculture not only harms the animals, it harms our planet’s land, air and water systems.

Burleigh Manor is committed to environmental stewardship through eco-friendly practices and education about preserving and enhancing our natural environment.

Solar energy supports one hundred percent of the farmstead’s electricity. The farm’s auto is fully electric. Recycling of paper, metal and plastics, and composting of table scraps and barn waste are some of our other eco-friendly practices.

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