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4 Frugal Steps to Preserving Your Pet’s Health in Cold Weather

Warmer seasons can pose a hazard to pets, but cold weather presents challenges, too. But with a little preparation, you can help protect your pet well through fall and winter without breaking the bank. Here are four frugal steps to preserving your dog’s health throughout the colder months.

1. Choose the Right Gear

From a properly fitted collar to toys that help your pup relax and let loose, choosing the right gear is vital for an enjoyable cool season. Though summertime is peak for water fun and evenings spent outdoors, the cooler months offer opportunities to enjoy the sunshine and brisk walks, too.

Keep in mind that many smaller breeds – such as chihuahuas, Boston terriers, pugs, and Dachshunds – are more sensitive to cold than most canines. You might want to invest in a comfy winter coat for your chilly pup to make outdoor excursions more tolerable in every season.

2. Make a Pet-Friendly Space

If your dog experiences stress or anxiety, there are inexpensive solutions to calm them. For example, the winter months often involve get-togethers with family and friends. But it’s simple to set aside a quiet area for your dog to retreat to if the event gets to be too much.

Preventive Vet recommends setting aside a safe space for your dog or creating multiple areas around your home. The safe space can even be your pup’s feeding spot, which can help them relax even more. Ensure that the area is stress-free and quiet, ideally far away from a window or door.

You might find you have all the items you need to create a dog-friendly relaxation spot in a corner of your house. If your dog is still anxious during storms, large gatherings, or unpredictable days, try at-home relaxation techniques. Doggie massage or playing some calming music may help your canine eliminate stress and relax.

As for the rest of your home, make sure to remove any hazards that may be dangerous for your pet. It’s also a good idea to get your chimney swept to improve