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Our Farm Team


Cate Principati

Farm Manager

Cate is one of the most dedicated volunteers anyone could ask for. Not only is the Farm Manager and Animal Caregiver, she is also a dear friend to everyone at the farm. Cate assists in all areas of the farm from animal care and grooming to housekeeping and grounds maintenance. Cate has a incredibly special bond with each animal and takes care to work with them individually so their specific needs are met.






Rachael is the dog mom to her 3 year old rescue, Carol, and works in events at the University of Maryland, College Park. She started riding horses when she was 4 years old and ever since then has held a special place in her heart for animals, especially when it comes to farm animal welfare. She is so excited to be at Burleigh Manor and has already bonded with Spice the sheep. 


Cheryl Ursida


Cheryl has been a dedicated volunteer since 2014. She does everything around the farm from animal care, grooming and pasture clean-up to helping with farm tours and events. She is always willing to help out no matter what is needed and no matter what the weather conditions are. 




Student Volunteer

Kat is a sophomore Pre Veterinary Medicine major at the University of Delaware. At school, she has already begun to study and do hands-on work with several different animals such as cows, horses, sheep, pigs, and more. She loves being outdoors and being able to spend time with animals whenever she can. She grew up near farms but now being able to actually work on one is super exciting to her! 


In Honorarium

of Bruno

Our Siberian Husky, Bruno, otherwise known as Handsome, was a familiar face at the farm until crossing the rainbow bridge August 19, 2019. He was the perfect mother figure to nurture our farm animals and served as ‘Mommy’ to both Mabel the pig and Honey the lamb. He will always be part of our farm team and sanctuary.

Matteo C.jpg

Matteo Cunningham Volunteer

I grew up walking a short distance to the animal shelter and am very familiar with it. I love animals and I wanted to help take care of them. When I joined, I took my love of animals and created it with a feeling of valid and important work.


Libby McGuire
Farm Care Lead

Libby is a student at University of Maryland College Park. She has been living on the farm since it opened its doors and has helped out in every capacity from bringing animals into this world to seeing them out and everything in between. Her hobby is photography and many of the featured pictures are her shots.


Kelsey Scott

Kelsey is a Catonsville native who grew up playing soccer and lacrosse. She started working at a local farm and soon found a passion for sustainable agriculture. She enjoys feeding, nurturing, and tending to the animals at Burleigh Manor. Some of her hobbies include hiking, music, cooking and traveling. She dreams of owning her own farm one day and getting the opportunity to provide access to fresh food to the community. 



Student Volunteer

Jonah is a straight A's middle schooler that loves animals, specially horses, sheep and goats. He has been a volunteer at Burleigh Manor for a couple of years. He likes to draw, write, basketball, mountain bike, horse riding, music, travel and swim. Jonah wants to have his own farm one day, so volunteering at Burleigh Manor is a great opportunity to learn about animals and farm life.



Student Volunteer

Nate is a student at Catonsville Middle School where he plays the viola and participates in the math club. He helps keep our pastures clean at our farm and loves spending time with Jenny and the sheep. He always brings his big smile and good attitude.


Elvira McCullough

Website/Social Media

Elvira is a mother of three wonderful kids, who loves animals, cooking, gardening, tennis and traveling. She has her own Marketing Solutions company, as well as a Spanish Translating and Interpreting business. She visited the farm in 2016 and she fell in love with it. She knew then that she needed to use some of her “spare” time to help Burleigh Manor in some way. Soon enough the opportunity came through and she became the Website Developer.




Born and raised in Maryland, Carolyn has grown up around all types of animals from dogs, cows, horses to hamsters and has always had a love for them.  She loves getting to know the residents at BMASER, and feels honored to be able to share her time with them. Carolyn enjoys ensuring every animal at the farm is happy and well fed in their forever home!



Patti Sapp

Patti is a recently retired therapist and educator. She cherishes her roles as a mother, grandmother and rescue dog mom. She's delighted to share her compassion for the animals at the Burleigh Manor Sanctuary. As a volunteer, she often provides universal Reiki energy to the residents of the sanctuary to support the sacred healing space.The idyllic environment, with the eco-friendly practices have quickly become Patti’s happy place. 



Student Volunteer

Alina Saksena is a student at Burleigh Manor Middle School. She enjoys climbing in trees, singing, theater, biking, cubing, and gaming. Alina began volunteering at the farm in the summer of 2021. She helps with feeding, grooming, and animal care. She loves working with and hanging out with Ms. Lisa and all the animals.

DSC_0838 (1).JPG

Lindsay Cribbs

Farm Coordinator

Lindsay has been volunteering at BMASER since the summer of 2015. The moment she learned that there was a farm sanctuary near by; she just knew she had to become a volunteer. She helps coordinate and conduct farm tours, events and field trips. She also helps to run the social media accounts for BMASER and loves photographing all of Burleigh Manors animal residents. 

IMG_0523 (1).jpg

Arianna Edinbugh Intern

Arianna Edinbugh is a senior at Long Reach High School. She enjoys science, theater, listening to music, and more. She enjoys doing research about the animals at Burleigh Manor and wants to become an animal nutritionist in the future. She is grateful for the opportunity to work with the animals.

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