The fee to adopt a pig is $25/month or $300/year.

Donations can be paid in full (one payment) or paid over 12 monthly payments. You can select the option that suits you best when checking out.

If an annual adoption is out of your budget please consider making a one-time donation.
All donations to Burleigh Manor go directly to supporting and caring for our animals.

Your $25/month or $300 a year donation
will supply the following for a month:


  • Pig Feed and Snacks

  • 24 Bails of Hay/Straw

  • Annual Veterinary Check-Up


Hamlet was purchased from an Amish market and given as a birthday gift which was meant to be funny. Fortunately for this brownish-red Duroc pig, he was taken in by a loving family who trained him like a dog. He lived with them until he grew too big to live in their residential neighborhood. He arrived at Burleigh Manor in March 2013 and moved in with Mabel the pig. Now an easy 600 pounds, Hamlet and Mabel share a living quarters, pig-sytle. Both enjoy rooting up the ground around them and creating lots of mud. Hamlet and Mabel can occasionally be seen walking through the neighborhood on leashes, making an unusual site for our neighbors! Hammy is a very friendly, easy-going boy, except at feeding time. He is not big on sharing his meals.


Lily is a pot-bellied pig who was 2 years old when she was reluctantly surrendered to Burleigh Manor by her family due to a family medical crisis. It was a slow start, but Lily finally made the transition from being a house pig to being a barnyard pig. She now enjoys life rooting in the mud with her porcine friend, Arnie. She has not forgotten the finer things in life, however, and still loves getting rub-downs with scented lotion. Lavender is her favorite scent!


In August 2012, we brought Mabel home from the County Fair to ensure for her a better fate than that of her 6 siblings…the stockyard. At just 4 weeks old, Mabel was the runt of the litter making her likelihood of survival grim. Mabel immediately took to our Siberian Husky, Bruno, who she adopted as her new mommy and began to thrive. For the first three months of her life, she followed Bruno everywhere and climbed all over him when he was laying down. When she got bigger she moved in with the pot-belly pigs, and when she outgrew them she needed her own place. Shortly after, Hamlet arrived on the seen. He moved in with Mabel and the two have been inseparable ever since. Weighing in at a hefty 600 pounds, Mabel is super cute, very sweet, and really cuddly.  Mabel also really loves a tummy rub!


Arnie was a 2-year old, black pot-bellied pig when he came to Burleigh Manor. He is an easy-going, social pig who likes to be with people and other animals. He was surrendered to the SPCA of Chester County, PA by an aging couple who could no longer care for him due to their health problems and his digging issue. Arnie likes to escape from his pen by digging his way out. His owners were concerned he would escape and get hit by a car on the busy street by their house. Now, at his forever home, he happily shares his pasture with porcine friend, Lily. Arnie has quite a personality and will grunt at you when you talk to him. He also enjoys belly rubs and any sort of treats.


Chloe was born on Valentine’s Day along with her brother Wilbur and five other siblings. Their mother had been purchased from a local slaughterhouse by an historical homestead not realizing she was pregnant. When she delivered seven piglets, they were going to be sold back to the slaughter farm. Then some good Samaritans stepped in and offered to place them all. As result, Burleigh Manor was able to provide a home for Chloe and Wilbur. They belong to an heirloom breed of pig called a Guinea Hog, yet their father must have been of the Red Wattle breed because six of the seven piglets were born with wattles. Chloe can be identified by the funny ‘wattles’ that dangle from either side of her neck! She is curious and energetic. Both Chloe and Wilbur love to root in the mud and dig up plants. Chloe loves attention and a good belly rub. She and her brother can be seen napping in their pig house on lazy days and running around right before feeding time.

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