The fee to adopt a Donkey is $35/month or $420/year. Donations can be paid in full (one payment for the whole year) or paid over 12 monthly payments.

You can select the option that suits you best when checking out.
If adopting one of our large animals is out of your budget please consider adopting a smaller animal (Chicken, Goat/Sheep, or Pig) or making a one-time donation.
All donations to Burleigh Manor go directly to supporting and caring for our animals.

Your $35/month or $420 a year donation

will supply the following for a month:

  • 12 Bails of Hay/Straw

  • Annual Veterinary Check-Up

  • Farrier Service Every 6 Weeks


Jenny is a female Sicilian donkey who was surrendered to Burleigh Manor by her owner because she could no longer afford to provide her the care she deserves. She was surrendered in November 2012 at the age of six years old. Jenny loves people and seeks their attention. She is very affectionate and likes to be patted, groomed, and fed apples and carrots for treats. Jenny is a pretty little girl who is very meticulous. She doesn’t like it when her hooves and legs get the slightest bit muddy. Jenny is also a great communicator. As soon as she sees or hears us coming to feed her, she begins to bray. She is especially loud at meal times and can be heard braying from far away. Our neighbors will attest that Jenny’s bray is far louder than our rooster’s cock-a-doodle-doo. Jenny shares a pasture with her friends, Jack the donkey, Doogie the horse,  Pagan the pony, and her BFF L’il Cow.

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