Chickens, Geese and Turkeys

Greta Goose

Goose is a lovable little goose! In Spring 2016, Goose was brought to BMASER by a caring neighbor who saw Goose wandering around a local park. We soon discovered that Goose was purchased as an Easter chick and later abandoned by the owners. Since Goose was raised by humans, his chance of survival in nature was very slim. Goose has acclimated to Burleigh life just fine!Goose is best friends with our female turkey, Maurice. You can catch then laying in the baby pool on most summer days.

Goose adores affection and treats!


Bucky is a female Guinea hen. She lives with other Guinea fowl, chickens, turkeys and a goose. She can often be heard “sounding off” as Guinea hens are the protectors of the coop.


Henrietta is a Guinea hen like her best friend Bucky. These two girls just love our turkeys Barry and Robin. They spend a large part of their day hanging out with the turkeys and a considerable amount of that time grooming them.


Jane is our beautiful ‘Blonde.’ She is super smart and quick and beautiful to look at. She spends her day hanging out with her BFF Susie.


Annie was brought to Burleigh Manor by a concerned family who found her wandering around alone. She had been kicked out of her flock by an owner who was angry that she was pecking and eating some of the eggs in the coop. After this ordeal, she was very afraid and skidish. She has calmed down quite a bit now that she is part of her new flock. She has especially bonded with our large rooster, Darkie, who protects her like a hawk. Annie has white earlobes, bright yellow legs,and a perfect single comb.



Haley is a Buff Orpington hen who was left in a clothing donation bin in Baltimore, MD. She was brought to the BARCS animal shelter, and from there she was placed in our care. Upon arrival, she appeared to be very young in age, yet her nails were long and curled under and her back so long she could not eat. She was profoundly malnourished. She is a sweet girl who loves to be held. She is still learning how to socially integrate with the other chickens.


Cali is a Speckled Sussex hen otherwise known as a “Spotty Chick.” She is funny, filled with personality and is all about adventure. She is the first chicken to leave the coop each day and the last one to return. She has an impressive vertical jump when it comes to getting her cheerios!



Susie is an Americana hen, otherwise known as an Easter egger because of the beautiful green-blue colored eggs she lays. She is a very friendly chicken and loves to be held. She spends most of her day hanging out with her BFF, Jane.



Lolly is a Black Australorp hen who came to live at Burleigh Manor in August of 2018. Lolly was rescued from a hoarding situation in downtown Baltimore where she lived in a row home with fifty rabbits and a goat. Not much was known about her but she has a sweet disposition and integrated into the flock quickly. She is calm and can be easily held. Her new friends are Lucy and Dottie. She enjoys tomatoes, Cheerios and meal worms for snacks. 


Rosie the Rooster

Rosy the Rooster was born in the Spring of 2020. He quickly grew to an abnormally large size
because he is the product of factory farming. Although large, he is a sweet rooster who carefully watches over
the hens.


Cornish Crew

In September 2020, Burleigh Manor provided a home for these four Cornish crossbreed hens rescued from New York City’s kaporos rituals. (provide link). After escaping near death, they are finally at home living a life of peace and tranquility.

IMG_0735 copy.jpg


Tommy Turkey was brought to Burleigh Manor the day before Thanksgiving in 2020. She was brought to us by some good samaritans who saw her being kicked and abused while tied up outside of a row home in Baltimore, MD. She arrived weak and exhausted and several of her feathers were broken and had fallen out. She hadn't been given food or water for several days. Fortunately for Tommy, she regained her strength and dignity. Pretty quickly she adapted to her new flock of feathered friends at Burleigh where she continues to do quite well. 

Your $15/month donation will supply the following for a month:

  • 100lbs. of Chicken Feed

  • Annual Veterinary Check-Up

  • 12 Bags of Wood Shavings