Adopt an Animal Program

Sponsoring or 'adopting' an animal is an important way that helps us provide for each animal’s feed, bedding, and veterinary care and farrier services.

When you sponsor or 'adopt' an animal, you get a beautiful photo card of your animal and the chance to visit with them monthly. You can visit your 'adopted' animal on the first Saturday of each month between 9 am and 12 pm, or you may email us with a special date/time request at

Pricing for each type of animal varies and can be found on their adoption page -See pictures of animals below-
Click on any of the animals images for more details about the animals, the donation options and a breakdown of how your donation will be used towards the animals.


$15/$40 A MONTH

  • Adoption of one animal for twelve months.

  • Sponsorship billed monthly or annually.

  • Photo of adopted animal and their story.

  • One monthly visit for adoptee and one guest.

  • Free membership for the length of sponsorship (12 months) during standard tour times.

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